What things soever ye desire,: the good and the bad, Week 11, MasterKey

So “when ye pray” may mean praying, meditating, contemplating, or just being sure something is going to happen… and those things can be positive or negative….  it is the bouncing back and forth and observing it that is intriguing, dismaying and frustrating.

What things soever ye desire, when ye pray, believe that ye receive them, and ye shall have them.

This week has been not short of amazing, and as I am proceeding with my move at increasing speed, the expectations manifest in a great way and not so great… but then when I derail I refocus with precision.   I went to the mechanic to fix a few things to sell my car, I had mentioned that the person who wants to buy it is overly focused on the body and not the mechanical soundness and low miles… well that is the thing to say to a mechanic who turned around and bought my car!  Just like that.  Then he said “you open yourself to God, you came here, and we bought your car”.   He is a Cuban immigrant from the 60’s who owns a Shell station , that provides service (!) and fixes cars as well.  His whole staff was like this. The cashier said “See you opened up to the Universe and we bought your car!”   So I think these are Master Key plants… Amazing.

I have this “not so good” relationship with my doctor’s nurse and I expect her to mess up every prescription and then not take responsibility…. amazing and then she does mess up my final prescriptions that have to be transferred to Hawaii.  So I start expecting how difficult it will be to change all this.  Then I think “what things soever…” and put down precise requests in an assertive and respectful manner with cc’s and it is fixed.  After her previous first rebuke, I didn’t respond at all, and they were no more!  First time with her. Specific, targeted emails, written in a respectful and precise manner.  mmm… what would happen if I desired the world around me to be full of confident and accountable people?  This is my desire and my personal value for myself.

The ‘do it now” can sometimes drive me to chaos if I am not working myself back into precise focus. I start with a task and start to jump in my mind to the massive other ones and then I get tense and frustrated.  Thanks to Chuck Bartok I keep going back to focus at one thing at a time.   Amazing the results.

My guide, aware of the pressures of moving, has me refocusing (lightly) on one of my PPN’s that need further defining.   Haven’t written that yet.  So I am procrastinating about something profoundly important…. be accountable!

The discussions people have with themselves around being on and off track really helps me in feeling a part of a larger community that is full of purpose and support.

I may not be so available in the next week or so.  Just sold my printer, so no printing out Week 12 for me.  I am with you all in spirit.


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