Cool Runnings and Harmony? Week 14, Master Key

“Do the words ‘give up’ mean anything to you?

“Not a thing”

This certainty is often seen is youth that has been relatively uncorrupted and for me is a throw back to earlier times… a feeling memory of confidence and excitement… laced with determination.  There are youth that are cowed by their parents or authority figures such  that their trial to manhood or adulthood results in them standing up to parent/authority figure in order to  go after their dream.  You see both types of people in Cool Runnings.

The Major Purpose is clearly defined, with no wavering no matter the obstacle. Lack of approval, minimal funds, humiliation became moot points as they doggedly went on.  Their Plan of Action being redefined as they met new curve balls.

When they were made fun of then we hear the wisdom of

“people always afraid of what’s different”

They pursued despite all odds and in the end did so with incredible dignity as they carried their bob sled to the finish line after it had fallen apart in the race.  This dignity and determination caught the same crowd who had been callous with them.  The audience stood, clapped and genuinely embraced their victory in defeat.  The victory in defeat is an important part as well.  They became self respecting young men that carried their mission to the end.

Now for harmony….

Did they experience that?  I think that varied per young man and situation.  Generally it seemed to grow with them.  And it seemed to work for them.   Their harmony grew to be within despite external influence.  Each young man had his own obstacles with that.


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